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The global database of new food products, for innovation success !


Today around the world, over 2,500 food professionals use XTC database, the global database of innovative new food concepts, as part of their market intelligence, development and product innovation activities.


A food innovation intelligence and notification service: Simple, fast, effective and customizable, this tool was created especially for the marketing, R&D, innovation and technical intelligence departments at food companies everywhere.


- A product information database updated daily with new products discovered in stores all over the globe, in trade publications, on the Web and at trade shows.

- A simple search form that can cross-reference all criteria: ingredients, country, packaging, trend, target market and more

- Comprehensive information that can be saved and exported in a wide range of formats, including Excel, PDF and PowerPoint

- A dedicated customer service team, XTC consultants at the ready to help you move your projects forward


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